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 Dear Big Springs Community,                                                                                       March 2023                                        


We hope everyone has enjoyed are winter weather here in Simi Valley.  Hopefully warmer temperatures are on the horizon as spring approaches.


Please mark your calendar as March 9 is our APEX Fun Run.  Parents are invited to attend and cheer on students as they participate. March 27-March 31 is spring break, enjoy your time with family and friends.


Take time to discuss with your son/daughter issues such as when and where homework will be done, your own expectations for their education and even setting goals for the school year.   Students do best when rules are in place and expectations are followed, that of course always starts at home.  If you were to ever have any questions about how to make sure your child is working up to their potential do not hesitate to contact their teacher or myself. 

Curriculum at home:  We truly appreciate the time parents are spending supporting their children with homework and projects. Make sure you are having discussions with your children as well, regarding how reading, writing and math are not only important during school, but that these skills are necessary in everyday life.  While spending time together outside of school point out, have discussions and show each other how we use these skills when engaging in daily life activities.  This practice will hopefully make what they learn in school that much more meaningful.


Please make sure students are on time to school.  Even a few minutes late can cause students to miss important learning time and getting their day off to a rough start.  When checking out students early from school they also can miss important instruction.  Try and keep that in mind when making appointments or plans for after school.


A big thank you to our PTA volunteers.  The past few months have been very busy with events and activities and from the entire Big Springs community, we appreciate your time and effort. 

Parking Lot:

When dropping off in the morning please make sure your child is ready to exit the car on the right side with supplies (backpack, lunch etc) ready to go. This may seem a bit callous, however, when parents leave their car to help their child with jackets, school supplies, and say goodbye it does hold up traffic in our drop off line. While in the parking lot please stay within the drop off/pick up lane (on the right side) and do not cut off other cars The same goes for the afternoon pick up.  Please make sure you are moving forward so all cars can begin to move freely within our parking lot.  You should not leave your car at dismissal time as well, because this leads to unattended cars not pulling up and once again inhibiting the traffic flow. The parking lot system and protocols currently in place work only when all our community members follow those procedures.  Just one or two people not following the rules can inhibit the ease of navigating the parking lot.

Many drivers are using their cell phone while driving in the parking lot and surrounding streets.  Using your cell phone can be distracting and therefore an unsafe practice.  Please refrain from this practice, our entire school community thanks you for your understanding.

Simi Valley Police do periodically monitor all schools reminding drivers of appropriate driving and parking laws. This monitoring is for both inside the school parking lot and while driving or parking in the neighboring streets. Feel free to contact the police directly if you witness unsafe driving practices around any school within our community. Be courteous and patient while driving around the campus, its parking lot and surrounding neighborhood streets. 

We ask that when dropping off or picking up your children from school that you respect the directions our campus supervisors or any staff member is conveying such as moving up within the loading zone so traffic can proceed in a timely manner.  Please be aware that when driving or even stopped on the neighboring streets, residents may need to either exit or enter their own home.  Keep the traffic moving on all neighborhood streets so the residents living near the school and our students can arrive and leave their home or school in a safe manner. We are all role models to our students about following rules and demonstrating patience.


Children in grades 3 – 6 may ride their bicycles to school.  All bike riders must dismount at the edge of the school grounds and walk their bikes to the bike rack where they should be parked and locked. All students riding their bicycles to school are required to wear a safety helmet as designated by California State law and have the ability to lock their bike to the bike racks.  A Bicycle Permit must be on file with the school before a student may ride their bike to school. Forms are available in the school office.

Please remember parents cannot come onto campus.  If a parent needs to get an item or message to their child please contact the school office


Animals on Campus:
Please leave your animals at home when you are dropping off or picking up your students. Animals, except approved service/therapy animals, are not allowed on campus for safety and sanitation reasons.


Thank you,

Sean D. Platt