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August 2020

Dear Big Springs Community, Welcome back!

Communication: The school sends out many text messages and emails regarding reminders for upcoming events or changes in schedules. Please be sure to check those or our school website for any updates.

Calendar: August 17th is the first day of instruction for all students.

Organization: Take time to get a learning space organized for your student. This may help students to be more inclined to focus on school work if they have the same space set up for learning each day with all their learning tools easily accessible. 

Homework: Take time to discuss with your child when and where homework will be completed; your own expectations for their education and set goals for the school year. (You may have already set goals for your child earlier this year.) Students do best when rules are in place and expectations are followed, that of course always starts at home. If you ever have any questions about how to make sure your child is working up to their potential, please do not hesitate to contact their teacher or myself.

Curriculum at home: We appreciate the time parents spend supporting their children with their overall learning. Make sure you are having discussions with your children as well, regarding how reading, writing and math are not only important during school, but that these skills are necessary in everyday life. When spending time together outside of school, discuss and show each other how we use these skills in daily life activities. The conversations should be causal in nature, of course. This practice will make what they learn in school that much more meaningful.


Attendance: Please make sure students are on time for their daily virtual sessions each day. Consistency is vital during any school year, perhaps more so during this transitional time of distance learning. Attendance will be taken and logged each day during our distance learning model, hybrid model, and finally return to full-time school model for the 2020-2021 school year.


PTA: If you ever have a suggestion or idea for programs or how to improve existing ones, we encourage you to contact the PTA or school. Many times, we hear about concerns and/or comments on social media or other means, it is always better and more appropriate to have a discussion directly with those planning these events so we can all work together in a responsible, productive way to enhance the great service our school and PTA offer for all our students.

Thank you,

Sean D. Platt Principal