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Welcome to the PTA

Dear Big Springs families,

Join the Big Springs PTA today! The PTA is a great way to stay connected to your school, to meet other parents, to be in the know about what's happening within your school and the district, to help facilitate change and growth within your school and to show your child the importance that you place on his/her education. Plus, the PTA sponsors many wonderful activities, assemblies, fundraisers and additional learning opportunities for your child throughout the school year. 


Consider volunteering  and/or becoming a board member as well. Everything that you do with the PTA directly affects your child and his/her friends and family. What a wonderful way to make friends and be connected to your school and community. 

The link for PTA membership is as follows:

To reach the PTA for volunteer opportunities and board members either contact them on the Big Springs PTA facebook page, or email

                                              JOIN US TODAY!!!